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F.U.B.A.R Fuba?

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Any one ever replace the roof top antenna on a rocco? I'm getting crappy FM reception, probably AM too. The olny thing is taking down the headliner, is it possible without ruining it? If so how do I doit? And one more thing where is the wire routed, from the antenna?
Oh yea the antenna power wire is getting 12V. Could the antenna just have a bad ground to the body?
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Re: F.U.B.A.R Fuba? (pastpargolf)

quote:[HR][/HR]So anyone take down the back of the headliner without ruining it?
Putting a cool antenna in with out ruining the headliner ain't easy
You may or may not be able to get that headliner separated from the lip of the hatch opening without ruining it... On mine it was so crusty and stuck to the metal that it actually flaked off instead of peeling back like I wanted it too. It's not the end of the world as long as you don't rip it or anything, but it does make getting it back under that hatch seal a little bit tougher. You may have to use contact cement or something to stick the remaining bit of headliner back to the metal under the seal. Your best bet is just to go slow... a hairdryer may help soften up the vinyl itself and whatever crud is sticking it to the metal. Just be careful not to melt anything

BTW the Fuba line runs across the rear of the roof to the pass. side C-pillar, then down inside the C-pillar to where the rear washer bottle is. Then it goes forward, inside the quarter panel, and comes out where the pass side rear seatbelt is anchored, then down onto the floorpan. You can run it up the middle or along the doorsill to the radio, depending on your stereo installation.
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