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Facing $400 exh stud bill?-here's an option!!!

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Hey, here's something I came up with and I wanted to sugget this to everyone!
As many of you know I have gripped about getting my car back with broken off exhaust studs for two months now. Well, I came up with a fix that has a lot of advantages to it.
Easy, instead of dropping the whole manifold, disassembling the turbo... Pull the head- it's a comparably priced job- and you get many other perks just b/c you pulled the head-
1> replace the gasket not with the OEM- but a copper one with fire rinds- courtesy of ATP- 8vturbo!!!
2> you get assured of the condition of your pistons, head and fastener torque!
3> chance to put on new belts etc...
4> YOU GET YOUR EXHAUST LEAK FIXED and the satisfaction that your car can be fast despite crooked low quality shops

By the way, if anyone can think of anything else I should do whilst the head is off the engine- give me a shout!!! -motor mounts? -oil cooler? -oil pump? -intake manifold insulator gasket? 10-14 lb wastegate sping?
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Re: Facing $400 exh stud bill?-here's an option!!! (89turbrio)

Re: Facing $400 exh stud bill?-here's an option!!! (troze1200)

Gasket match the intake and exhaust manifolds and put a bigger intake man. and throttle body on. gasket match the head too... Do a cam the the same time....
Valve springs???
Of course I am assuming none of these things have been done... just throwing them out there
Re: Facing $400 exh stud bill?-here's an option!!! (89turbrio)

Copper head gasket with fire rings? I didn't think such a thing existed, have any pics?
Re: Facing $400 exh stud bill?-here's an option!!! (BUNNYLOVE)

ATP, call em- no pics though. Retains stock compression- (stock8.5:1)
Re: Facing $400 exh stud bill?-here's an option!!! (89turbrio)

That ones not copper its the equivalent of a G60 gasket. Its a multilayer metal gasket which is pretty damn strong.
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