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Re: fact or crap... vw gtg at walmart in birdsboro? (oneeuro2c)

Quote, originally posted by oneeuro2c »
its not the one in pottstown so i guess its the exeter one. i didn't think there were any gtg's there. i figured someone on here would have mentioned it by now. thanks, now i can tell my friend he's wrong.

Have not seen anything posted here about a GTG at the Exeter location.
I live fairly close to this Walmart and have not seen any GTGs when I have gone there. Given the volume of traffic that this Walmart has and the lack of places to eat closeby (the KofC/Taco Bell next door is very, very small and the Dairy Queen is not much larger) this is would not be a great location.
It is possible that a GTG may be happening here but it might only be a very few VDubs, if any.
FYI, technically speaking, the Exeter Walmart could possibly be considered a Birdsboro mailing address. I have a Birdsboro mailing address but live in Exeter. Go Figure.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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