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Factory box fixed surging on my 01 AWW

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I got Upsoluted and noticed some surging... I reserviced my forge valve and no avail.. I talked to Rodney with Upsolute and Dupspeed out of Houston and he told me that it might be my Autothoruty CAI and to try putting the stock air box back on. I did it tocay and the surging is gone. I guess when ever I can afford a DP and Exhaust I'll put the intake back on. I sure miss the sound though but its not worth it....just goes to show that the AWW doesn't really need a CAI intake...maybe upsolute will have a program that will match the EVO intake..
Thanks ROdney
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Re: Factory box fixed surging on my 01 AWW (kevdakaotic)

i wonder if having a K&N air filter would have the same effect..? I am experiencing some surging as well... maybe i will go ahead and try putting a paper filter back in...
Re: Factory box fixed surging on my 01 AWW (NJWolf18T)

nah, my k&n has been in for 17,000 miles, 10,000 of which have been chipped without issue...
Re: Factory box fixed surging on my 01 AWW (John A)

Sounds like the stock box helped balance the amount of air the chip is telling the engine it needs.
What causes this is when the engine's swallowing capacity is exceeded by the compressor's output. When this happens, the air backs into the intake.
When the pressure after the compressor exceeds the energy of the radial component of the compressor wheel's output, you have surge.
The air backs up, the pressure after the compressor drops, and airflow resumes.
Re: Factory box fixed surging on my 01 AWW (kevdakaotic)

some of the error checking that our engines do is to compare the readings from the mass air flow sensor to the readings regarding how far open the throttle body is...
if the relationship between these deviates, it can throw codes, pop a CEL, or maybe even cause surging. i think this is what was happening with some p-flow and cool-flow people a while back...
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