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Does anyone know the factory crossover points (hertz) for the door and rear speakers (should be 2 points for the front and 1 in the rear), and where the crossovers are located in an '06 GTI?
Also, does anyone know what impedence is "shown" to the stock radio by the crossovers? I'm hoping it is 4 ohms so I can just add an amp to the stock setup without having to worry about starting a fire.
Here are my plans: I do not want to cut any of the factory wiring and I want to keep the stock HU because I like the integration that comes with it. My plan is to purchase the normal radio harness for use with an aftermarket HU, as well as the "reverse" harness that is available at Enfig. I will connect these 2 adapters together on all the power, ground, etc. wires (everything but the speaker connections), leaving all of the speaker wires connected to nothing (yet). This homemade adapter will allow me to 1) avoid cutting any factory wiring, 2) allow me to use all of the factory connections, 3) gives me great access to all of the speaker wires (the ones coming out of the HU AND the ones going out to the speakers) so I can easily wire in an amp - without having to tap into any of the factory wiring.
Of course, my plans are contingent on the speakers presenting a 4 ohm impedance to the factory stereo so that I can just use the factory wiring from the HU location.
I prolly didn't do a very good job explaining my plans. Hopefully, someone will understand what I am trying to do, and have the answers I am looking for.
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