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Hi all,

Ive owned a few modern cars with built in audio tuning that was independent of the User EQ. On many of these cars, (s550 mustang, current gen accord, etc) there is a way to go in with the Vagcom equivalent and disable the audio tuning for a flat eq. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this for the mk7 Jetta? I am planning to upgrade the stereo system, and it would be great to have a clean source signal instead of having to add in a DSP, or multi band EQ to sort things out.
Ive also noticed that the volume changes between sources, like car play is quieter than the radio, any options to configure this?

I have a ross tech, but i dont want to license the car for it unless there is actually a purpose.Though i suppose fixing the fuel mileage indicator might be worth it by itself.

21 Jetta S.

If none of this is possible, does anyone make a drop in replacement head unit that retains factory functions, but provides better audio functionality?
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