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factory wiring question

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I have a 2000 NB with non monsoon stereo. I've got a set of MB Quart woofer/mid/tweeter seperates that I'm hooking up and I'm not sure how the factory wiring is for the factory woofer/tweeter. Where is the crossover located at? I looked at wiring in the Bentley manual and it shows only one pair of wires for the setup.
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Re: factory wiring question (vwdoink)

anyone know?
Re: factory wiring question (vwdoink)

I can not prove this, but I don't think there is a crossover exactly. Many oem stereos use the natural roll-off of the mid-woofer as the lowpass and place a capacitor across the leads of the tweeter. This is not the best sounding, but it is reliable (fewer components to fail and cheaper). You may notice a small capacitor (often yellow or blue in color) mounted on the back of the tweeter, intended to block damaging bass from the small driver. High frequencies will not usually harm woofers so there is no need for an external coil.
Again, since I have no experience with this car's system I cannot swear to this.

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Re: factory wiring question (vwdoink)

Changing to the MB Quarts is very simple. Connect to the existing leads at the lower driver. The tweeter is connected via capacitor; that's all the electronics you will encounter in the crossover department.
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