The family road trip has long been a staple of American life, with most packing up the Family Truckster and heading off to a destination hours away.  And while the road trip activities have changed over time- from the license plate game, I spy, and punch-bug, to Angry Birds and "stop bothering me, I'm trying to watch Netflix" (a personal favorite)- the sense of adventure has not.

For this year's trip, Buenos Aires residents Catire Walker and Noël Zemborain loaded up their turquoise Volkswagen Bus, and hit the road for a 13,000 mile loop with their four children to see the Pope in person.  Destined for Philadelphia and the 2015 World Meeting of Families, the six Brazilians have gained quite a bit of notoriety due to their journey, including an article on CNN's website and a planned stop at Volkswagen of America's Headquarters just outside of Washington DC.

As the Pope arrives in Philadelphia next week, those in the area should be on the lookout for the aforementioned turquoise Bus, and the six very tired travelers inside it.  And please Philadelphians, treat them better than you did HitchBot.

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[Header image credit: CNN]