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I have a few suppliers I like as well

foxruntools.com/ Pretty reasonable prices and a few different warehouses. Any issues they've been very speedy about correcting.

Exhaust Fab
acestainless.com/ Weld els and Stainless Tubing
Colombia River Mandrel Bends Some of these are "crushed" from the clamp in their bender, but it's the ultimate for selection. They have different radii and 1D on many sizes. Great prices if you buy enough, the shipping can be expensive, however.
http://www.mandrelbendingsolutions.com/ These guys have some pre-bent complete exhaust systems for mk2s and mk3s. The prices are awesome, haven't put one together yet but I have one I'm going to try here soon.

Burns is awesome for some of your more exotic designs, tapered horns, Inconel and the like. Otherwise I feel like the prices are way too high.

http://an-plumbing.com Very easy to search catalog of AN plumbing
21 - 23 of 23 Posts