Imagine a weekend for west coast Volkswagen enthusiasts set against the backdrop of North America’s oldest purpose-built road course - Willow Springs International Raceway. Attendees arrive in the afternoon and display their Volkswagens in the paddock for a show and shine with a people’s choice award ceremony, which also includes what has come to be known as the "World Famous Raffle". Then as the sun begins to set, the front straightaway of the famed road course is transformed into a 1000’ drag strip for side by side racing fun. After the friendly grudges have been settled on which car is the fastest in a straight line, the evening gives way to a night of VW enthusiast camaraderie as attendees mingle, barbeque and party around their tents in the paddock turned campground. As the sun rises in the morning over the desert landscape, it signals the start of the main event... the $32 track day sponsored by Volkswagen of America.


Originally designed as a gathering for R32 owners, Fastivus is now open to all VW makes and models and the only event on the west coast centered on Volkswagens and motorsport. The event seems to focus on reaching the hardcore VW performance-minded enthusiast that enjoys "the go" as much as the show - where function matters as much (or often times, more) than form. Fastivus is for enthusiasts who are looking to do more at a VW event than sit in a lawn chair within a parking lot.


This year’s Fastivus was held over Memorial Weekend and it drew 600 attendees and 400 cars, which was a record for this relatively small but growing event. Volkswagen - a supporter of Fastivus since 2006 - brought out the VWVortex Super Beetle along with the debut of a fully race-prepped internal Beetle project built by the Volkswagen R division. Title sponsor APR’s display was massive and showcased their Max R and other project vehicles. Other contributing sponsors provided impressive prizes for the "World Famous Raffle" which featured prices valued, on average, at over $1,000 with just one free raffle ticket allowed per person per Volkswagen in attendance.

Fastivus motorsport events included drag racing on Saturday evening and a sold-out track day on Sunday. While the track day has been a long standing tradition at Fastivus, the drag racing was a new event and proved quite popular with the attendees. Equipped with a proper light tree and time-slips, the racers staged their cars in the long lines for a chance to race down the 1000 foot front straight of Willow Springs Big Track. In the morning, over 140 Volkswagen owners prepped their cars for a full day of racing on Big Willow’s 2.8 mile road course - the fastest track in the west. As the last of the run sessions drew to a close, another successful Fastivus concluded with attendees packing up from the weekend activities.


Fastivus organizer Eugene Lee would like to invite everyone on the West Coast with a passion for Volkswagens and Motorsports to come out and experience Fastivus. He considers it to be the "best kept secret" in the VW show scene and is confident that attendees would agree. Eugene plans to make every element of Fastivus 2014 bigger and better in every detail. With the recent 2013 event being considered by most attendees as the best event to date, it is safe to say he is on the right track. See you next year!
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