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Fault Code Diagnosis

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I am getting an engine misfire #1 and #2; incorrect airflow, secondary air system message from the VAG.
Anyone have any ideas to troubleshoot this? I am trying to avoid taking it to the dreaded Atlanta VW dealers, namely Ellis.
Any help or feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

What are the specific codes you're getting. The code numers are what I am looking for.
I can look them up for you, but would be helpful to have the additional info.

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Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (vw20v18t)

I don't have the specific codes. Long story short, the car was in the shop for something unrelated and I was given the explanation Engine Misfire #1 and #2; incorrect airflow secondary air system.
I may have access to a VAG for the specific codes this weekend. If so I will post what I find. If not, it's back to the dealer unfortunately.
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

I started looking up info, but there are just too many things that could be causing these problems. Without knowing the fault codes, one would be guessing at what to look for. Anything from leaking tubing and fittings, to problems with the injectors, air pumps, MAF, multiple sensors, etc., etc.
Maybe someone else would have some better insight without the fault codes.
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (vw20v18t)

I hope to have the specific codes this weekend
Thanks again
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

I'm guessing MAF dead. There was a message in the last couple days on the VAG-COM list about how to check your MAF to see if it is indeed kaput.
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (shaggymatt)

wow. at 25k miles. Let's hope not. I miss the days of simpler machines. My 83 911 is fully mechanical; good tools and a mechanical acumen are all that's needed. BTW, it's dead reliable.
Nowadays, it's software and highly sensitive and expensive parts. Progress I guess... ?
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

A List member was nice enough to lend me a hand with his VAG. Here is the code:
1 DTC Found
16795 - Secondary Air Injection System: Incorrect Flow Detected
Does anyone know how to look this up and give me some pointers on what components to troubleshoot? Or where I can look the codes up myself?
Thanks again.
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

Is there a way to troubleshoot this code? Documents/Manuals on line somewhere? Does someone have a way to look this up or point me to a place to do it
Thanks again
Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

I appreciate those of you who have responded to my request here. Unfortunately this car will go to the stealer tomorrow morning for repairs.
I think the lack of substantive responses to my post shows how needlessly complex modern cars are becoming and how VW and other higher end manufacturers are going to make their money. The check engine light can come for hundreds of different reasons; all require at least a $75 diagnosis from herr VAG tool and a visit to the dealer. No more shade tree mechanics wanted as owners.
In my search to avoid using the monopolistic dealership in Atlanta, I found many independent repair shops that flat out said the newer Volkswagens are impossible to work on without the factory approved VAG. My only option was the dealer. What a shame and a sham.
Which brings up another point:
I must be a dying breed; I take pride in troubleshooting problems with my automobiles and benefit from knowing the work is done correctly; I only have myself to hold accountable.
Upon repair of this car, I am turning around and selling it. Not because of the car and the light that points out the problem, but rather the PROCESS of getting it fixed. I guess my desire to own a finely engineered German sedan from new and maintain it by the book is dashed by the ineptitude of the dealer network and the utter frustration I find in staring at the check engine light.
For anyone that is still reading this diatribe, my litany of service woes at VW dealers has tempered my enthusiasm for riding the resurgence of VW in the US because I see the light (no pun intended) at the end of the tunnel here. VW will end up in the doldrums again in the coming years as their marketing hype and record sales put the onus on their service departments to perform; a requirement that they will find challenging.
Enough ranting. I have a flat six requiring service; better grab my shop light and some hand tools. I step down now and off of VW vortex.
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Re: Fault Code Diagnosis (behvw)

Just my opinion but you won't find many other new cars that are significantly different.
Of course the last 4 news cars I've bought have been VWs so my view may be slightly slanted.
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