FCPEuro has announced today the expansion of its parts catalog for Volkswagen and Audi models.  In total, more than 20,00 Genuine Volkswagen and Audi parts will be added to the FCPEuro website, helping customers to get what they need in one easy to browse location.  In addition to the Genuine parts, FCPEuro has also added brands like 034 Motorsports to the mix for their performance-minded customers.

Read the full Press Release below.

FCPEuro has announced the expansion of the Audi/VW catalog with a focus on building out the main sections, including brake, suspension, and general vehicle maintenance, for 2015. With a upload of more than 20,000 Genuine Audi/VW parts onto the FCPEuro website, this even further enhances the already extensive product offering.

The FCPEuro Audi/VW catalog is equipped with a combination of Genuine VW/Audi and OEM plus options, further improving vehicle driving dynamics. The FCPEuro name is held with high regard in the European community, establishing unmatched quality and service, along with an industry first Lifetime warranty on everything sold by FCPEuro.

This pledge is ingrained into the company culture. “If it’s a part we wouldn’t put on our own car, then we shouldn’t be selling it,” David Greco, Audi VW Catalog Manager said.

Audi and VW customers have grown to recognize FCPEuro’s cost effectiveness, with control arm kits and complete timing kits being some the most notable. In recent months, the Audi VW catalog has nearly doubled in size, making FCPEuro a go to online store for any Audi/VW enthusiast. One of FCPEuro’s goals is to have every Genuine VW/Audi part, along with alternative aftermarket options and kitted products, available on the website. The Audi/VW catalog for FCP is being created based on application data with precise vehicle fitment, alongside valued content relating to common symptoms and the DIY install.

While browsing the multiple pages of the FCPEuro Audi/VW catalog, you’ will notice professional photography that gives consumers an exact depiction of what they will be receiving. FCPEuro accomplishes this by shooting photos of Audi/VW parts and accessories in house, taking advantage of showcasing multiple angles and close up macro views. These concepts set FCPEuro’s catalog apart from other online retailers that often use poor quality stock photos.

FCPEuro has also added new product lines specific to Audi/VW, with 034 Motorsports being the largest in terms of popularity throughout the community. The new line offers a performance option with a price point that’s comparable to a Genuine Audi/VW replacement part. The 034 Motorsport line is geared more towards the enthusiast looking to get a little bit more out of their vehicle.

The FCP Audi VW catalog is on pace to match or exceed the size of the FCP Euro BMW and Volvo catalogs in a short amount of time. The result of this will be a large increase in the Audi/VW customer base, with FCP being a one stop online store for European car parts and accessories. The refreshed UI along with an always-increasing product offering allows FCPEuro to have an advantage online.

With a broad focus on customer needs, free shipping on most orders, and a hassle free returns policy, FCPEuro prides itself on offering top notch service. The Audi/VW catalog has thousands of Audi/VW factory original replacement parts and has just scratched the surface with their kitted product offering. FCPEuro also provides DIY videos, community driven blog posts, and “How To” themes, among numerous other resources. This helps the FCPEuro customers gain confidence in performing a DIY install them self.