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I'm selling my TDI commuter. The body is in rough shape. I was going to use it as a swap vehicle this year for another project but I'm relocating to Germany and need to get rid of it.

Actually 230k miles, spaced when I made the ad.

The good:
AC/PS works
45+ mpg combined City/Hwy
Socketed BK ECU w/ Stage I tune
Bosio Sprint 520 Nozzles (Mounting and Calibration by Kerma)
New clutch
New rear main seal
New rear brakes/wheel bearings
Relatively new 14" tires

The bad:
Paint is pretty much gone!
Surface rust on both rear doors
Passenger side window regulator is broken
Windshield is cracked
Exhaust is rusted through in spots
Could use new front brake pads
Has a GLX cluster so tach doesn't read right (30% lower) but everything else does
Missing a piece of molding

It just hasn't been very well loved cosmetically because of my intentions. It's solid mechanically though. The TDI was going to go into a Vanagon along with some odd and ends but that's put on hold.

I drove this car cross country in January from North Carolina to Utah and it didn't skip a beat. I wouldn't hesitate driving it anywhere.

Pictures pending a quick wash and vacuum.

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