Abt Sportsline has long been an innovator within the aftermarket, and and their newly released Performance Cockpit proves that they are still churning out innovative new products.  The Abt Sportsline Performance Cockpit was engineered to work in conjunction with the ZENEC-Naviceiver to display real time exhaust temperature, boost, oil and fuel pressure, vehicle voltage and oil temperature.

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Come to think of it, the engines tuned by ABT Sportsline are really undercover agents: after all, drivers don’t see what they do to make their mission possible. “With the new ABT PERFORMANCE COCKPIT this is different,“ says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt: “Here the driver always sees what’s happening with the engine.“ A high-quality ZENEC-Naviceiver displays the range of the maximum available ABT Power being used and also other interesting data like exhaust temperature, petrol, oil and boost pressure, vehicle voltage and oil temperature. What is also exciting is that it shows the latest torque. This technology is currently available for almost 100 different cars and engines by VW, Skoda and Seat: Golf, Octavia and Leon plus Yeti or T5 and others.

The ABT PERFORMANCE COCKPIT is only available in combination with specially pre-equipped upratings and was developed in conjunction with the ZENEC multi-media specialists. The package is based upon a device triad: the data are provided by the specially adapted ABT engine control unit(AEC), which increases the engine’s performance, and this information is conveyed to the ZENEC-Naviceiver Z-E2015 via the new ABT Gateway Interface. It goes without saying that this multi-media device is always perfectly geared to the vehicle in question, both visually and technically, and other functions can also be added. The prices for the high-quality ZENEC-Naviceiver in combination with an ABTuprating start at EUR 2,550 in Germany, depending upon your car. With the ABT PERFORMANCE COCKPIT, drivers do not only feel their uprating but also see it.

The ABT PERFORMANCE COCKPIT is also password-protected. The ABT Power uprating can thus be blocked for certain people and situations. You should hide the password well, however, or people might be lead into temptation...