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ok, so keep in mind this is a feeler, price is negotiable if i decide to sell
NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE CAR - I am considering selling because I feel as tho I could put the money toward a house.
what the car has:
*HPA FT400 kit with conrod bearings already installed (easy ft450 upgrade) - work done by Tyrolsport
*EIP Street series exhaust
*"Euro" bilstein/h&r combo suspension - only 500 miles on it.
*depo projector blacked out headlights
*VW OEM navi
*also have an EIP 6-puck clutch kit that i'll throw in (not installed)
Make me an offer i cant refuse and its yours...maybe http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: (Chimeric)

Quote, originally posted by Chimeric »
does it have the burble issue?
no, i swear i am not try'n to be an ass.
competition intercooler?
color pipes?
ceramic coated downpipe?
How is the stock clutch/tranny holding up?
Not interested in anything EIP, but I may be interested in your car!

Burble = yes
comp intercooler = yes
pipes = blue
ceramic downpipe = yes
tranny doing fine
as far as i can tell clutch is holding well with the added ponies...
Slave bearing does bring back the hamster wheel every couple of months.
The paint is in pretty good shape, your usual rock dings up front.
I'll post pics either tonight or Friday...
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