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feeler/fs/ft 2003 gti vr6 24v


this is no longer a feeler it is FOR SALE .
-2003 GTI
-24v vr6
-has just about 110k miles
. oil and filter always changed every 3000 miles with synthetic oil.
Alphards are sold.
$8000 on aristos

interior is clean.
pm me for interior pics

-unitronic stage 2 tune have the paper work to show it
-k&n filter

bilstien ps9 coilovers

here's a picture

pm me if interested. The reason im selling it is winter is coming up soon and i have no place to store it. i dont drive it in the winter.

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Will you be flexible on your price? (I have to fly over from SoCal and ship it back to SoCal if i buy it from you). Could you send some pics? exterior, interior and maybe some engine pics?
Im looking for 24v vr6 or 20th right now and im looking to spend at most 7-8k...
Im kinda tight on my $ right now as im saving up for school and supportin my family also.
I am a serious buyer though. If i find a right car, i can scoop it up anytime but I need a car ready before end of june or mid july. So, I am not very in a hurry but time is passin and i have to choose a the right one anytime soon!
If you can sense my seriousness in purchasing your car, could you kindly get back to me?
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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