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Location: San Antonio Texas

I'm in possession of a 3A block that I want to try and unload. It sat on a garage floor for a couple of years and moisture got to the block, so there is some surface rust and some rust in the cylinder walls. Took it to a local engine shop to which they said they would be able to clean it up just fine with a .020 overbore (a $150 service). Also have the crankshaft, and a whole mess of pistons, rods, a couple intermediate shafts, oil pumps, distributors, sensors, lots of little extras. Hoping to sell the above as a unit.

I even have an early German crossflow ABA head, assembled with valves, camshaft and a custom aluminum intake manifold. This head assembly looks like it has been serviced and never installed. Head p/n is 037 103 373 T

Shipping is basically off the table because of weight. Let's make a deal, eh?
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