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Now For Sale: 93 Passat GLX VR6. 5-speed. FS/FT.

As the title says: I have a 93 Passat GLX VR6. I want a clean Mk2 Jetta.
Asking $2100. Make offers.
About my Passat:
93 GLX
161k miles.
Good clutch,
Timing chains don't rattle.
Interior is in pretty good condition.
Exterior has some minor dents here and there.
Will Pass NJ inspection
New parts:
Spark plugs.
Spark plug wires.
Fuel filter.
New cone air filter. (Red one in pic was dirty)
It has a few modifications from the previous owner.
H&R springs,
Bilstein rear shocks. (I didn't check the front struts yet to see what brand they are)
Crossdrilled Rotors.
Cone filter. (Ask me about a Cold air intake setup that I have laying around)

It runs and drives very well. Nice power. Gets around 29 mpg highway.
The car needs a few things:
Coolant steams out of the coolant bottle, I don't know why. Probably needs a coolant bottle or a new cap.
Heater core is bypassed. (Previous owner did it. I can only assume that it is busted, but I'm not sure)
Trunklid is dented, spoiler is cracked. (I am in the process of getting a new one right now)
Sunroof needs adjustment. it's off track.
AC does not work. A fitting on a line is broken, and it all leaked out...
It has other little quirks here and there, nothing major.
Pics of my Passat.

Modified by Jettaboy1884 at 8:57 AM 6-13-2006
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