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I have a green '93 w/ tan leather & 162k in very close to mint condition.
I am the second owner and have had it since April '04 -- the car was located in San Diego and was completely stock when I got it; I have the entire repair history:)
Since then I have replaced and have receipts for:
The fuel pump and filter, engine mounts and control arm bushings in May '04.
New distributor assembly in Aug '04 and had all electrical connections cleaned throughout.
Bilsteins and H & R sport springs lowered the car by 1.5" in Dec '04.
New battery in Feb '05.
New front Brembos and Hawk pads all around in May '05.
New aluminium "crack" pipe, coolant resevoir and cap, assorted hoses and radiator in July '05.
New Yokohama ES 100's all around in Aug '05.
Neuspeed ignition wires and front cross member in Feb '06.
New timing chain, etc. and down pipe (with 5K on it) in spring '06.
There's a couple of other small things I am sure I can't remember.
The sunroof always worked but had some problems the last I tried it and the AC and heater core are disconnected and need attention - everything else works fine.
There was a minor parking lot issue that required some repainting: I sprung for the extra cash to have the hood stripped and have the front bumper repainted as well -- otherwise there are few small dings (easily fixed) and some rust where the rear window meets the rear hatch.
The leather is in good to excellent condition -- overall people including other Corrado owners are pretty impressed with such a clean car.
It handles like a dream and seems pretty fast -- I have never raced it and treat it very well with moderate driving habits where I rarely take it over 4500 rpms -- gas mileage is about 30 on the freeway and 24 around town -- don't know why its so good:)
I will post pictures soon:)
I would like to see about $5-6 k for my sweetheart.
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