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Ok I have been thinking about this for a while and have decided to see if there is enough interest to make it worth while. other wise the car will be put away. any way as of now the car is whole and is in running condition. It's not true vr6 it's a g60 with complete swap.
3.0L 11.5:1 compression block 83mm je pistons $1800 obo
BVH schrick 36,42 mm valves and HDVS with cat 268 cams $2200 obo
completely rebuilt o2a transmission with pelquin LSD $2500
act 6 puck & pressure plate clutch $200
9lb. flywheel $150
ESS pulleys polished $200
shifter box with cables & diesel geek short shift $250
oil cooler with ss -10an braided lines and fittings & adapter $300
Fiber images carbon fiber hood $500
G60 e-codes with harness $600
complete DE brakes with ss braided lines and X-drilled rotors $700
gutted intake manifold powder coated black $175
Bride seats with brackets & sliders $300
Momo apache wheel with hub $225
koni adjustable struts front $500
bilstien rear shocks $200
vr6 control arms with poly bushings $150
euro lip with vr6 bumper $300
vr6 turn signals $150
vr6 oem fogs $150
walbro fuel pump $150
polished corrado door sills $50
leather e-barke boot $50
mk4 shift knob & boot
front & rear eibach sway bars $300
ss braided fuel lines -6an with fittings $300
aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator with guage $150
2 red RCI 5 point harness $100
jetta glass sunroof $150
oem black corrado floor mats brand new $75
2.5 ss exhaust with magnaflow resonator, muffler & polished oval tip
Ok there is alot more if you have any questions IM me the car also has the 93.5+ interior it's black leather the shell is painted nimbis grey. Anything that has not been mentioned just ask I will let you know. Remember I will not part until I know there is serious interest
Thanks guys. O and if you want it all I will do that 2. I will also post send picks to serious inquires via IM

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Dibs on the tranny, fuel pump, flywheel, clutch, steering wheel w. hub, Rad Hoses, Disregard my IM about waiting and lets make a deal today. I see your in K-Town so lets get together for a coffee and get 'er done.

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Re: Feeler: Corrado vr6 part out (aztek)

replied to all IM's
Ok here's the deal not enough intrest to part yet, though if I get offers on the head and block I know that this car will becoming apart

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I will take the tranny, fuel pump, ecodes, steering wheel and hub, Clutch, Door sills, and Flywheel.
Let me know.
If your not ready to part it out perhaps you'd be willing to part with the tranny and I'll give you mine plus 1500 or so.
I'll be checking everyday to see how this is going.

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Re: Feeler: Corrado vr6 part out (seL)

Not looking like it's gona happen at this point . due to not enough intrest well see if the head & block go in the next week and then I will be making up my mind
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