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'97 MKIII Golf 2.Slow
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Before we get into the car's details, I would like to say that I've owned this car for the past 18 years. It has not seen winter for the past 15 years and was not used much for the past 7 years, since I became a Dad! I would like the car to go into a good home and to a VW enthusiast, just like I am.

268,000KMs, 4 Door Golf GL w/ manual widows, Power Sunroof and Doorlocks.
Euro front and rear bumpers, euro Hatch, Euro fenders (Not installed).
Euro E-Codes Headlamp, French Fogs and Rear GTI Smoke Tail Lamps.
I would say the body is a 7/10 considering the flat brown paint job that has faded. Also it has a black hood, roof, hatch and read bumper.
Minor surface rust appearing on the front doors and rear fender lips (Rolled Fenders). Some parts of the floor were redone a couple years ago.

High performance quality built ABA. OBD1 Block w/ oil squirters, 84mm Wossner 12.5:1 CR Pistons, IE Forged Rods. German P&P 8V head w/ TT Dual Valve springs and Titanium retainers. Always ran LiquiMoly 5W40 Synt. Oil.
USRT Lightweight valves, TT 288° camshaft. USRT long runner intake manifold, BBM aluminum fuel rail with G60 Green top injectors. All the pulleys and sprockets are lightweight and it has an adjustable camshaft sprocket. OBX S/S Headers with a Magnaflow Cat-Back
Freshly rebuilt 020 4K with a brand new Bully stg.2 Clutch and EuroSpec lightweight flywheel.

K-Sport Kontrol Pro Coil-Overs with height and Damper adjustments. They go very low! OEM rods and joint.

Stock interior with MK4 front/rear seats. Laminated Wood Trunk "Liner". Louis Vuitton fabric headliner and shifter boot. Overall, the interior is in a great condition.

Megasquirt III V3.57 with a mild tune.
AEM Wideband and Digital Oil Pressure Gauge. Front and Rear Fog Lamp Switch (Fonctionnal).

Pulled 140whp and almost matching torque with a mild tune on a Mustang Dyno with a 9A tranny and stock injectors. That was 5 yrs ago.

Bads :
Would need an Idle/Cold Start Fine Tune. Needs Wheel Alignment.

Car is driveable and engine has less than 4000 KMs

Whats is it worth..?!
I'll just throw an overprice of 6k here.

Located in Gatineau, Quebec
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