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Whats up Vortex. Just throwing this out there. I have a 2004 GTI Silverstone grey 1.8t. Only has 21,100 MILES!!!!! :D Many many extras. Heres a small list. Keep in mind everything performace wise was installed by AWE Tuning. I have All the reciepts. Car only runs on 93 Octance. and my car only drinks MOBILE 1 0w-40 motor oil!!!:D

1.Four brand new tires
2.Gloss Black Roof
3. BMW Jet Black mirrors and Badgeless Grill. (With Filler)
4. Black Housing E-Code Headlights with Nokya bulbs.
5. Rear and Front Valance painted silverstone grey to match the Car.
1. Full R32 interior
2. R32 Aluminum vents and inlays.
3. Monsoon Sound System.
5. New South Performance Boost Gauge on Steering wheel column.
1. GIAC Chip with Flashloader (Pump, Race, Kill.) Car only uses 93 Octane!!!! It is what it is tuned for.
2. Evoms Intake
3. Techtonics Tuning Catless 2.5" Downpipe (WIth Wayne angle block so it doesn't throw a CEL)
4. Forge 007 DV
5. JOM Coilovers that are brand new and never installed. I don't have the time. Also comes with brand new bushings once the coilovers are installed.
6. BFI Stage 1 Dogbone Mount. (No more wheel hop :thumbup: )

Keep in mind...this is just a FEELER! That should be everything for the list of goodies. Its easily cranking 230 -240 whp. I have to get it dynoed at AWE soon. As I said I only use and can use 93 Octane and it is changed every 4,000 miles with MOBILE 1 0w-40. Peak boost is 22PSI and it holds at about 18-20 psi. Car is quick. As I said I'm just throwing this out there. I'm looking for an AWD car. I know what the car is worth especially because it only has 21,000 miles on it. Stock with 21,000 miles I would want at least $12,000. I put about $5,000 of extras and performace into the Car. PM me or it would be easier to call me. 732-850-6355. My name is Derek. PM your email I have about 10 pictures of my car. My email is [email protected]
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