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hi, i am going to start off by telling everyone why i am selling my car... i have had it for 2 and half years and its just time for something new...i just looking to see what people would trade/ not looking to spend any money... also i am not looking to get flamed or any type of bad comment so if you have any please keep them to your self..
-digi 2 16v
-1.8 head 65,000 miles
-2.0 block 85,000 miles
-16v tranny 85,000 miles
-ross machine fuel rail
-vw-piolet chip
-stock muffler but thicker pipe for exhaust
-3.5 fpr
-no AC
-stinger battery
-no power steering
-fully red and black leather
-2 7" visonick tv's (in but not wired in, need dvd player or something)
-gt grant stearing wheel
-swg center councel
-2 vdo gauges
-visonick speakers all the way around and the door speakers are 8''
-new headliner
-converted to power windows
-new carpet
-other odds and ends are black with red stiching like my e-brake shifter etc.
-the car is 2 door & red
-16" rota velo's with toyo proxes and spare rim no tire
-single badless grill
-crystal clear cross hairs
-gas shocks and lowering springs
-hatch wing
-10" sloted front brakes
-sloted disks in the back (converted)
-bonrath single wiper
-front strut bar
-rear sway
the bad
-original paint
-anti freeze leak
-no head unit
-pass. speaker broken
-when starts the idle is bad, but thats because the 16v has cold start and when swicthed to digi 2 cold start was taken out... but when warms up its fine
extra parts (for extra money not including the car)
-ram air fender
-rs front bumper
-badgelessquad round grille from swg
the only pic i could find for right know

the wing is going to be painted black when i have time

mario marques

2016 A6, 2014 X3, 1967 Bus, 1963 356
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Re: Feeler:FT 1991 golf digi II 16v (forbiddenmk2golf)

how many damn forums did you post this thing in?

I could've been a contender.
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Re: (forbiddenmk2golf)

Quote, originally posted by forbiddenmk2golf »
5, why is there a problem

b/c there is no crossposting allowed

please put a link to this sale in your signature
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