This is just a feeler for now.
As the title states, thinking about selling my 2017 Golf Alltrack S, 6 speed manual, Silk Blue Metallic. It currently has just shy of 68,000 miles on the clock, and will go up slightly (short commute). Car has been well-maintained since new in June 2017. Some highlights pertaining to upgrades/mods are as follows:
  • black Alltrack SEL seats, fully functional
  • BFI heavyweight shift knob
  • P3 digital boost gauge
  • OEM is38 turbo
  • APR 3” cast dp
  • APR is38 93 octane tune
  • Southbend stage 2 daily clutch kit
  • CTS intercooler (oem location)
  • aFe bladerunner charge pipes
  • Golf R suspension w/ R variant rear springs

Oil changes every 5k. Trans, 4motion, front/rear bevel gear fluids all replaced at 60k. All maintenance has been recorded since new. Car has been efficient, reliable, and probably the best VW I’ve owned to date. Reason for the feeler is that I’d like to get into something bigger with an auto.