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This car has been very good to me for the past 8 months or so, so this is just a feeler to see what people have to offer, if anything. I have a 1987 gti and I'm looking for a mk3 golf or gti - engine doesn't matter much to me, VR would be nice, but I'm not gonna be picky. On to the important stuff.
The Good
2.0 16v swap with about 85k miles on it.
Car was repainted by an old owner, BMW diamantschwarz black.
NO RUST UNDER CAR. NONE. AT ALL. little surface rust on the body, around the hatch and a few random spots around. pictures talk.
Stock BBS RA's are in great condition.
Euro Bumpers in great condition.
Grey Recaro front seats. (the drivers side handle to slide forward and such is broken, but still functions.)
Badgless single round grille, with single round crosshairs.
This car is a great drive, and hasn't let me down at all since I bought it. Will give more detail and send pictures to anyone who wants!
The Bad
No power steering (who needs it?!)
No back seats.
Needs inspection.
Will need 2 new tires for said inspection.
Reverse lights don't work, I believe it's the switch in the trans.
Oil pressure sensor is bad.. It's nothing major, could maybe disconnect it behind the dash, but the buzzing gets kinda annoying if the music isn't blasting!
I believe that's all. Any more questions feel free to PM me! Will send a link to my photobucket to all who ask.
What I'm looking for!
mk3 golf/gti. engine doesn't matter much to me. prefer 5spd. Would love 4 doors on the thing. VR6 would be cool, but a 2.0 works for me as well if the car is in decent shape. Teal (LB6T), white, silver, and mulberry tickle my fancy, but like I said, if the car is in decent shape, I'll consider anything. Not looking to spend any money.
Don't have any recent pictures right now. This is last year, at the end of the summer I believe. Will be taking more pictures on Thursday. Not too much has changed, except now it has wipers, and is much cleaner.

As per forum rules, selling price would be $2800...

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my computer doesn't seem to want to work properly. pm's popped open, then were instantly deleted. so anyone who messaged me today, please resend the message, or just reply in post. bump for missing out
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