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Fender removal/installation questions...

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Soon I will have to replace my drivers side front fender, and I'm currently studying up in my trusty Haynes manual (yeah i know
) so im familiar with the job...
I've got a few questions for those of you who have replaced your fenders
How do you remove the bolt(s?) inside the fender by the firewall?
Do you have to take out the fender liner to access them?
Are there any real tricks to it, or is it a straightforward procedure?
Any caffiene crazed individuals want to write up a walkthrough?
thanks guys
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Re: Fender removal/installation questions... (lyledriver)

its really easy man theres the bolts in the engine bay on the top of the fender.
in the front of the fender theres 2 and the bottom front theres one. on the inside of the fender behind the fenderliner theres 2 (you'll have to remove the fender liner. Theres one more bolt near the jacking point of the car.
good luck
Re: Fender removal/installation questions... (m3technic)

Actually, it's not that easy. I just had to do this a couple months ago.
Take out the fender liner, then all the bolts that were just mentioned above, along the top, front, and underside. That's the easy part.
Then, you're gonna need a flathead, and/or a knife, and/or a torch if you've got one
There's a ton of sealer gunk lining the back wall of the fender, and somewhere underneath it is a couple of bolts that you have to remove. It's not easy, the stuff is soft but it holds on strong. It's a big PITA and it took me about an hour to complete the job because of it. Don't worry about replacing the gunk with new stuff, it's not going to affect anything.
Good luck and try to have fun! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Fender removal/installation questions... (2Dr16vJettaGirl)

thanks m3/molly,
yeah i was wondering about the sealant.. as i think thats the only fender on my car that has never been touched since late 1984

I bet that stuff is sealed pretty damn well by now

I hope i dont need a torch.. as i dont have one.
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Re: Fender removal/installation questions... (lyledriver)

I've replaced a couple fenders on my jetta
and I used a utility knife to cut away the sealer gunk. I also had to dig some of the bolts out of the gunk.
You have to remove the fender liner. Then there are 2 bolts in the front, 5 along the top, 2 in the back, and 2 underneath. I used some silicone sealer to seal things back up when I put it back on. I dont know if it actually did anything, but it made me feel better.
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Re: Fender removal/installation questions... (Jetta2dr)

I'd recommend removing the door if you can, and you have to get that sealent off around some of the bolts. It takes a little while, but not very hard. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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