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ferrari world abu dhabi opens october 2010

The world's first ferrari theme park - ferrari world abu dhabi is set to open in october 2010.
announced as 'an intense multi-sensory experience and a must-visit for enthusiasts, fans and families'.
the park pays tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, technical innovation that ferrari
has established over the years and represents today. its iconic sleek red roof is directly influenced
by the classic double curve side profile of the ferrari gt body, spanning 200,000 m2 and carrying
the largest ferrari logo ever created.

ferrari world abu dhabi will host a number of attractions, including rides for children of all ages,
providing the complete ferrari experience: over 20 state-of-the-art attractions, each designed to
bring to life a different part of the ferrari story, including the world’s fastest rollercoaster, travelling
at speeds exceeding 200 km/h and emulating the thrilling sensation of being in a ferrari f1 car, or
the g-force experience taking passengers on an adrenaline-pumping ride up over 62 m, through
the roof and back down again.

the park is located on yas island - set to become a global tourist destination with a wide range
of accommodation and entertainment facilities - on the north east side of abu dhabi’s mainland.
abu dhabi, at the crossroads between europe, asia and africa, was chosen as the ideal location
to build the ferrari theme park, motor sports being extremely popular in the united arab emirates.
ferrari world abu dhabi will offer a unique and intensely fun way, together with a wide variety
of italian delicacies, and of course unique shopping experiences.


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This is definitely real. I co-designed the props for the roller coaster. I don't want to give too much away, but you'll basically be travelling through the engine of a Ferrari at one point.

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2 years ago on deployment we were in port in dubai. my buddy's brother in law was one of the contractors working on that project. when i went they were still working on the foundation. pretty crazy and awesome!
this is what was there when i saw it....a bit different than today

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how is this going to be successful with a population of 850,000+- people?
That must be just the population for the island city of Abu Dhabi.

The Emirates have a total population of close to seven million is an area the size of South Carolina.
And it's in the Persian Gulf.. so it's not like they can't have tourists from the surrounding area.

I just question the whole Ferrari theme park idea.... is Ferrari really THAT big there- that adults and children alike would pine to see all things Ferrari? It seems like an adult amusement park.
Do they have normal amusement parks for children/families?(I don't know the culture/society.. that's why I asked)

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oh yeah, just checked wiki and it was just the city. :laugh:

Having been the middle east a few times in the military i have no desire to go back. Even for a badass Ferrari theme park. I think Las Vegas, Florida, California or Italy would have been better places for a Ferrari Theme park and it could have been located close to a race track that has Ferrari history. But, i'm sure the financial incentives of the Emirate was influential.
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