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FI guys, Chech your Hoses!!!

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Hello guys,
I went to the track yesterday and had terrible runs (I am even to embarass to post them), I felt the car Slow and slugish.
Today I found the hose that connects the manifold to the 4 bar regulator was tosted, wend I moved it with my hand it broke off!!!. I replaced both hoses (the one that runs the T, one side to the regulator, and another into the manifold) and Wow, what a difference (I also cleaned my filter). It pulls HARD......I wonder how long I been running with that broken!!!.
Just a note check them because even if they look ok, they might not be.

Roll on guys http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: FI guys, Chech your Hoses!!! (stone)

When I put my charger on. I noticed all of those hose were either dry rotten or very close to it. I wound up replacing all of them as well.
Re: FI guys, Chech your Hoses!!! (alpine)

definitely replace them all, if you notice some of them aren't even long enough. they get old and cracked and suck
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