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Filter Info

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What setup are you guys running?
Is it possible to have a cone on a Digifant 1991 Jetta?
What do you guys think bout a K+N in a drilled out box?
Any suggestions?
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Re: Filter Info (Big Dac With Fries)

Yes it's possible to run a cone filter on your car.
K&N filters are of very high quality, but using that in the airbox and drilling the box isn't going to get you going any faster, just wil have the car make more noise.
I myself run a drilled box with a drop-in K&N but that's because in a 16v you can't take out the airbox.
Re: Filter Info (2Dr16vJettaGirl)

Just throw in a K&N panel and call it good. Holes aren't going to make you go faster despite what people will tell you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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