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**Added a few pics and a walk around video on the last page.

Finally revealed 6/1/2015
IMG_3329 by Steve Mitchell, on Flickr
IMG_3298 by Steve Mitchell, on Flickr
IMG_3323 by Steve Mitchell, on Flickr

Current pic (see below for current mod list as of 6/6/2014)
IMG_1826 by smitche, on Flickr

Been wanting another OBD1 2.0 mk3 since I got rid of my first one in 2007... I'm back, and couldn't be happier. Lot to do, so I will post my progress here.

Loads of parts piled up in the garage (much more than seen here)

updated mod list (6/6/2014)
Airlift V1 management
Airlift performance front and rear bags/struts
Notch passenger frame rail for axle
Notch driver and passenger side for tie rods
Eibach front and rear solid sway bars
BBS RS 16x8 front and rear (staggered) custom silver vein powder coat with red and gold flake
195/40 federals front and rear
rolled and mildly pulled arches
smoked ecodes
FK Mono Wiper
euro plate tub
Sport plaid interior with beetle headrests
interior converted to all black from hip line - carpet including speakerless parcel shelf (pillars and headliner tan)
euro kneepad, tray, center console, and upper glovebox
bubble gauges (original)
Nardi Gara 4 wood wheel with NRG short hub and quick connect
OEM black mats
TT chip
Polished Intake Mani, ICV, and Throttle body
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff

and finally Cali plated

Still lots of plans for next year including body work and respray and fresh engine/trans build (in progress)

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BTW: those are 16" RS barrels, the faces, waffles, hexs, bolts, and lips are all out for refinishing.

Current specs:
95 (94 built) Jetta GL 2.0
Indian Red
228k miles
all maintenance done and well maintained
runs, drives, and shifts really well
stock suspension except eibach sway bars front and rear
Fifteen52 double up hub system
refinished Corrado Speedline Course's
vento rear plate tub

sport plaid seats front and rear
black dash swap
black leather puffer door cards
flint knee pad, lower glove box, and console
black parcel shelf

polished intake manifold

Extra parts:
rebuilt 2y trans with diesel 5th and peloquin diff bolt kit
rebuilt OBD1 head
complete OBD1 bottom end
black euro knee pad, AC shelf, and upper glove box
black euro console
new ultimo coilovers
black votex racks
2 spare front bumpers
1 new spare rear bumper
tons of other misc items

16x8 and 9.5 BBS RS (only barrels shown)
17x8 and 9 Rays Payton Place Queens (3pc and forged) with custom billet centers

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my first mk3 back in 05 was an indian red gl... still have a soft spot for the color :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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glad to see my old girl is being taken care of. Man... she looks so clean. these pics make me miss her. thanks steve. can't wait to see the progression. get going on that engine build with all those parts i left with you. :beer::beer:
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