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I'm a long-time VW Mk1 & Mk2 guy, and have wanted a B5 for many years. Now I finally have one in my driveway!

It's a Silver '97 Quattro 5MT sedan with the 12v V6. I know this is pretty much the least desirable combo to most people, but I actually sought this out. Price was a factor (it's a $500 car) and this combo certainly helped as I did a straight trade for my 1985 VW Golf. I'll spare the back-story and whatnot for now, and post some pics. I'll be digging into maintenance work and cleaning it up over the next few weeks.

Next to the '85 Golf that I traded:

Body is pretty clean all-around:

It needs the TB/WP service immediately, and the engine runs a bit rough. I am glad I didn't go with a 30v:

Some rock chips in the hood:

Next few pics are of miscellanous missing trim and body damage that I'll work on:

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