It almost makes you wistful for a time when the Ur-Quattro was a little less loved that even a barn find costs the better part of ten grand American. But here we are.

Finished in Tornado Red with a Charcoal cloth interior, this may be the cheapest way (if we ignore shipping, which we will because we’re playing the what if game) to get into a 1985 Audi Quattro Turbo 10v. Sadly, that also means it’s been in mothballs for about a quarter of a century.

That means dust all over, likely dry and cracked rubber, and at least one dent in the driver’s side door—though it should push out pretty easily. According to the seller, it ran when parked, though now it’s being billed as a “superb winter project.”

For sale by Classic Car Auctions, a UK auction house, if you found this in the states you’d be beside yourself. So I guess we’ll have to live vicariously through whatever Brit ends up with it in their garage. Or you could find a really big boat and import it back into the US. It is older than 25 years…..