Christmas is fast approaching. Winter is starting to blanket the north with snow. Need to get out and do some shopping? Or pull a sleigh full of toys? Go over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house? For this week's Find of the Day we give you the Twelve Joys Of This V10 Touareg.

12 Years of Driving
We hate to tell you, but 2017 is almost over. This 2006 Volkswagen Touareg has been on the road for a dozen years now. Judging by the photos, it's been well taken care of. Unfortunately, the listing leaves out the mileage of this SUV. You'll need to contact the seller for more info.

11 Inches Ground Clearance
Touaregs had an optional air suspension. This complex yet cool set up allowed the driver to raise and lower the truck with the flick of a switch. In its fully raised setting, the T'reg had 11 inches of ground clearance.

10 Cylinders Firing
The real draw here? The engine. Back before the should-not-be-mentioned-gate, VW stuffed the Touareg with a glorious V10 turbo diesel engine. With over 300 horsepower with 550+ pound feet of torque, this was a monster of an engine. And even with all that power, the truck returned around 20MPG.

9's: Dressed To
Despite being 12 years old, the classic lines of the Gen1 Touareg don't look old. The Colorado Red paint and buttery tan interior look quite classy. And all T'regs come with sumptuous leather seats, real alloy trim, and genuine wood in the dash. They really are dressed to the 9's.

8 Inches Ground Clearance
On the air suspension standard setting, the Touareg had about 8 inches of ground clearance.

7.6 Seconds
When researching the V10 TDI, most sites stated a 0 - 60 time of 7.6 seconds. Nothing to sneeze at for a truck this size and weight.

6 Speed Transmission
All V10 TDIs came standard with a 6-speed Tiptronic transmission.

5 Passenger Seating
Enough room for the whole family.

4 Wheel Drive
With standard 4Motion, adjustable dampers, and traction control settings, this truck will get you through just about anything.

3 Ton Vehicle*
Touaregs weren't light.

2 Valves per Cylinder
The V10 TDI featured VW's 'pumpe duse' fuel injection system: each cylinder has its own fuel pump with one intake and one exhaust port.

1 Very Rare Truck
A starting price of $70,000 automatically made this trim level rare.

So if you're looking for a luxurious stump puller that can cruise effortlessly over hill and dale, this Touareg V10 TDI may be just for you. Take a look at the ad on . It's located in New York, and the seller is asking $16,900.

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