Military vehicles are undeniably cool.  Built specifically to serve a singular purpose, these vehicles offer a stripped down look at the technologies and mindsets of the time period in which they were manufactured.  While we can't get behind the side this vehicle was utilized by, it remains an extremely cool piece, making it our Find of the Day.


This Type 166 has had just one owner since 1959, seeing daily use until 1965 when it was regulated to weekend vehicle duties.  Fast forward to 1995, and the car saw a full restoration.  In 2014, it received a rebuilt engine and gearbox.  Overall, it appears to be in good condition but to be honest, there really isn't much to it.  The seller claims that it is fully functioning, meaning that it can drive on land or operate on water.


This Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimmwagen is currently available on eBay with a top bid of $50,100 and the reserve not met.  The vehicle is currently located in Poland, but we know a guy who'd love to help bring it stateside.

For more information and images, check out the eBay listing, right here.

Thanks to Bill for the tip!