I will never stop being charmed by the discovery of unexpected V8s. I’m fully aware that American V8s, like whoopee cushions, are not appropriate in every situation. And yet, like putting a whoopee cushion under the queen’s seat, the more inappropriate their placement the more giddily I giggle.


I don’t know if you could tell from its massively changed proportions or its wing that would put a Boeing to shame but this 1971 Beetle isn’t quite stock. In fact, under that easily missed Boeingian spoiler, there’s a Chevy small block attached to a 4-speed transmission from a twin turbo Porsche.


According to the seller, “Bugzilla” could use a fresh coat of paint, but otherwise it’s fine. With fewer  than 1,500 miles on the clock it apparently  runs like a top. And best of all, it’s got green LED/strobe lights under it, so it won’t unnoticed at night.

Bugzilla is being sold in Florida (because of course it’s Florida) for $15,000 obo.