What’s sexier than Brazil? Brazil in the ‘70s. And that’s where today’s Find of the Day, the SP2, got its start.

Way back in the day, VW do Brasil was bored. Trade restrictions prevented them from getting the Karmann Ghia, so there was nothing sporty available for the Brazilian people. A lack of sports cars for such a sultry people simply wouldn’t do.

In ’69 Volkswagen do Brasil decided that they could design something themselves and so Project X was launched. At a trade fair in 1970, the result was revealed and the Brazilian press fell in love with the SP2.

Few of these car, produced between 1972 and 1976, were ever exported, so your chances of meeting another are slim. Even if you do, though, the one you meet is unlikely to be in this condition.

The car only has 45,000 miles on the clock and appears to be in original, and excellent, condition. It was, until recently, part of am exclusive collection, evidence of which can be found in the background of these pictures.

Unfortunately, the SP2 only has 75 hp, so sports car is kind of a misnomer. That also means that this isn’t the best car if you’re in a hurry. But why would you be? You’re in an SP2. People will wait.

The price for this piece of Brazilian history is $35,000 (negotiable) so save your shekels.