It was an estate sale, but we’ve all had the dream. You’re driving down a country lane when a flash of color from inside a barn catches your eye. Or walking down the street when the old widow three doors down opens the garage. We all want to find the perfect car that no one’s thought about in years. Well, forum user “floridabmx” found it.

“Just two weeks back I was tipped off to an estate sale,” starts his post . An enthusiast and connoisseur of all things Mk1, floridabmx knew that a road trip to Tennessee from his native Florida was in order to take a look at a “very clean Bali Green 78 Rabbit.”

“I think I was the only bidder,” says Mr. bmx. “Long story short I was the new owner of this gorgeous base model.” The car hadn’t been registered or driven in two years, so floridabmx was prepared to have it hauled. Still, though, he and his friends checked the fluids, started it up.

Sadly, it died going up a hill and floridabmx was about to call for that tow. Something prevented him from doing it, though, and after successfully starting the car again, he headed for a parts store. There he bought some injector cleaner and an alternator belt and hit the road. Before he knew it he was in Asheville, NC. Then in Savannah, GA, and finally back home in Florida.

According to floridabmx, the car “operated beautifully, and drives like brand new. No squeaks, no rattles.” Everything is 100% original, and more than that, is in beautiful condition. Even the floor mats, which were bought at the same time as the car, show little sign of wear. The odometer reads 1,967 miles, though floridabmx admits that admits that it actually has 101,967 miles on it.

And for all this originality, floridabmx is asking $9,000 (but he’ll entertain offers). He says that the price is high to dissuade buyers who would modify the car from buying it. “This survivor needs to be preserved,” he explains.

And we agree. Please, someone who keeps brushes for dusting in their car buy this. The car deserves to be protected from the dirty, dirty world.