Nicely restored, relatively unmodified first generation Volkswagen Golfs are somewhat uncommon.  Blame it on their relatively low value, or their popularity within the 'scene', but when a nicely refreshed example comes along, we can't help but take notice.  Such is the case with today's Find of the Day.


Starting with a very straight and rust-free example, the owner of this Golf completely stripped the car down to give it a fresh coat of paint, and disassembled the transmission for a full rebuild.  While everything was in pieces a few non-stock pieces were fitted, namely the euro bumpers, a Tokico/Neuspeed suspension setup and a 110hp euro-spec GTI motor.  Also worth pointing out are the pinch welds- likely the cleanest we've ever seen.


This 1978 Volkswagen Golf can be found for sale in our classifieds section right here.