If you were to take all of the coolest pieces from the late 1970s and early 1980s, blend them with the wheel and suspension trends of today, using a freshly restored first-generation GTI as your canvas, this is what you'd get.  It's our favorite Find of the Day to date.


The car's original owner went to extreme lengths to create something that most of us could only dream about.  The aesthetics and build quality are worthy of praise, as it has all been carefully assembled to retain a stock appearance.  That said, the brand new (and extremely rare) Oettinger 16 Valve kit is this car's true pièce de résistance.


Since being completed, the car has changed hands, but from the looks of it, the amount of care this car has received is unchanged.  This 1979 Volkswagen GTI is currently available in our classifieds section for $20,000 or best offer.  Check out the full for sale listing right here.