That’s right  this Mk1 GTI is being sold by its first and only owner, forum user wildhare. Not only that, but this tastefully modified GTI, the Mk1-owner if you will, is in remarkably good condition.

Although it’s not 100% original, it looks to have been well modified and wildhare says that the Mk1-owner had a bare-metal-restoration completed in 1997, so there are new fender moldings, a new grille, new badges, and more.


There’s a long list of modifications that have gone into and onto the Mk1-owner, but the first you’re likely to notice is the wheels, 14” Centra Type  1 wheels. Wildhare claims that these were the first ever imported to the States.

But, as countless after school specials have taught us, it’s what’s inside that really matters. And what’s inside the Mk1-owner includes a Quaife limited slip diff, a Techtonics short shift kit for the 5-speed trans, a Borla race muffler, a lightweight flywheel, Scirocco front brakes, Neuspeed large throttle body, Techtonics Euro exhaust manifold, and a whole lot more.

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That’s all academic, though. What really matters is that this Mk1 Rabbit GTI looks right. There's just something desirable about it. Wildhare is asking $12,000 for the Mk1-owner, which could accurately be as a lot. Mk1s this clean are tough to find, though, and 1983 was the first year for the Rabbit GTI, so it could easily be worth it. Either way, it is a lovely thing to look at. Check it out on the forum.