At the moment, early Volkswagen Golf and Jetta models are in a very interesting price point.  Not quite at full-blown collector status, deals are to be had with many extremely cool first and second generation cars going for relatively little money.  Case in point is today's Find of the Day- a 1984 Volkswagen Jetta GLI.


Appearing to be in quite good shape and powered by a OBDII 2.0 ABA from a third generation Jetta, this GLI is not a bad way to spend $3500.  The seller has installed new brake pads and rotors, a new clutch, new axles and a new timing belt.  Performance and aesthetic upgrades have been installed as well, including lowering springs, an adjustable short-throw shifter, and European small bumpers.


This Jetta GLI is currently for sale on the Greensboro, North Carolina Craigslist for a seemingly reasonable $3500 with the stock 'Snowflake' wheels.  More information and additional images can be found here.