Due to the ever-increasing popularity of vehicle importation, more and more non-US market vehicles have been popping up on the various online classifieds.  The latest example of this phenomenon is a 1990 Golf Country with just 50,741 original Kilometers, or just over 31,000 miles, and located in New Jersey.


As the car has not seen many miles during the 25 years it's been on the road, the Country's overall condition seems to be quite good both inside and out.  The seller notes that the Golf had many services performed recently, and that there are no signs of rust anywhere on the vehicle.  Most importantly, the car has been titled in New Jersey, meaning that registration elsewhere should be relatively painless.


This Golf Country is available on eBay Motors at a current bid of $12,966 with four days left to bid.  Additional images and information can be found right here .