How would you like to be featured in an episode of Petrolicious? Buy this car, try on a vaguely European accent, and get a job that pays a weirdly large amount of money and you’ll be telling stories about the essence of your car in no time.

This time on Find of the Day, we’re featuring a one-owner, showroom quality 1990 Corrado G60 coupe .

The original owner was clearly a well-to-do guy, because he didn’t shy away from the options. This features the optional leather interior, original 15” factory wheels, sunroof, factory floormats, and the optional satin silver metallic paint.

Speaking of the paint, it and the body work are miraculously unblemished. According to the LuxSport Motor Group ad, the car has no dings or scratches, or even rock chips. Even the seats show few signs wear. The car was kept in a climate controlled garage and only saw 12,000 miles of road in its life.

It even still has all of its VIN stickers, books, manuals, keys, tools, and service records. The word fastidious springs to mind, as do a whole host of amateur diagnoses.

But one man’s compulsion is another’s treasure. This is a real rarity. Corrados in anything like original condition are becoming nearly impossible to find. Most were modified or raced, and the majority of those that weren’t have been or are being exported to Europe, where the market is even better.

The price reflects the condition at $13,700. The car is for sale in New Hyde Park, NY, so for God’s sake, wait until the spring rains wash away the salt before driving this one off the lot.