The Mk3 Golf was defined its special editions, and none was more special than the Harlequin. Fewer than 300 were made and all were sold in North America. And now, you can own one of them.

Only available for the 1996 model year, Volkswagen originally only made a handful of these to show at international auto shows. The response was so great, though, that they decided to put a few into production.


Eventually, Volkswagen made about 280 Harlequins by simply swapping body panels in the factory. This Chagall Blue-based one is being sold in Florida and has only seen two owners.

Since this was a daily driver, it has a few dings and quite a few miles, says the owner, but given the length of his post, I think it’s safe to say that he’s  maintained it meticulously..


He even says so himself: “I’m meticulous about maintenance on my cars.” As a result, the car has a litany of replaced items, and the owner says he used to work at VW and is pretty active in the community, so he seems to know a thing or two.

This Harlequin was sold in Tampa Bay, at Reeves VW, and they’re the ones who installed the Momo Idea, colored wheels, so the car was reportedly sold new with them on.


According to the owner, this Golf drives perfectly despite its 172,000 miles and the interior is perfect.

All this for just $9,500 obo on