There's a whole bunch o' numbers with this week's Find of the Day. Let's crunch some digits, shall we?
  1. 2003: The model year for this MKIV GTI
  2. 20: As in 20th Anniversary Edition
  3. 2,000: This car is #2000 out of 4,000 made for the United States
  4. 10,000: This GTI has only 10,000 original miles
  5. 18,000: More on this number at the bottom of this article (but you've probably figured it out)

Amazing, right? This 14-year-old car has fewer miles than most cars sold last year. Unreal. And as with any car with ridiculously low miles, this one's immaculate. The Imola Yellow paint is completely blemish-free, the interior looks no different than the day it left the dealer lot, and the engine could double as a plate for your next meal. If ever you've searched for the perfect 20th, this has to be it.

The seller had some work done on the car in the last 1,000 miles: timing belt and tensioner, water pump, key filters, key fluids, and much more. The ad states the car drives flawlessly. And it probably should since it's barely been broken in. All new parts were genuine OEM or German produced.


This GTI has the optional 6-disc CD changer (what are CDs?), and three sets of mats. The car is 100% stock. The original window sticker is included as well as all paperwork from the service completed. This second owner is quite thorough.

So if you're looking for an untouched, nearly virginal 20th Anniversary Edition GTI, this may be the car for you. But this near-perfect car with low-digit miles has a large-digit price tag: $18,000. While the MKIV models weren't the fastest or the best handling iteration, they have a very strong following. And while that price may seem high at first glance, the right collector may be out there.

But one can't help but wonder why someone buys a brand-new car and almost never drives it. It seems a bit sad; here's a car that's begging for long drives down twisting roads, and it's cooped up in a garage for most of the year. To break it down: 10,000 miles in 14 years is less than 800 miles a year. Will the new owner also keep it under wraps, or will they get out and use this car? That will be a tough decision for the new owner.

You can find this 2003 20th Anniversary GTI on eBay . It is located in Santee California.