There may be more than a few very fast Golf Rs out there, but only one can be called the fastest.  Quicker than any other manual transmission R out there (including APR's Max R), Scott Saxton's Golf R has achieved 0-60 times in the very low 3 second range, and a best quarter mile time of 11.1 seconds.  And now it's officially for sale.


The recipient of every single go-fast piece that APR makes and an in-house motor build, this Golf R has dynoed at an incredibly impressive 437hp and 430tq at the front wheels on pump gas, and an astounding 487hp and 490tq on race fuel.  To help control all of this newfound power, the owner has also fitted Bilstein struts, Neuspeed Race springs, upgraded motor mounts and adjustable front and rear sway bars.  Those interested will also note that a new clutch has been installed within the last 1000 miles, and no hard launches have been performed since.


This Golf R is currently available in our very own Golf R classifieds section for $38,000.  And while that is a hefty sum for a Mk6 Golf R, we'd wager that you couldn't replicate it for less.

Check out the full classified ad, here .