I recently returned from the reveal of the all-new Volvo XC90 on behalf of our sister site Swedespeed , where we spent nearly a day at Ericsson's headquarters talking about the future of media integration in automobiles.  I must say, while the talk was extremely fascinating and there are some really cool features on the horizon, it sort of made me yearn for the good old days.  When things were a bit more simple, and the manufacturers were focused on the driving experience rather than what app you choose for music streaming or navigation.  Today's Find of the Day is just that.


The year was 1987, and while I had yet to be born, my Dad tells me that it was a much simpler time, when a person could fix their own car with simple tools, and truly leave work behind at 5pm.  Cell phones were still a symbol of wealth and self importance rather than a necessity, and chances are that they original owner of this Cabrio could use their new car to disappear after work or on the weekend for a few hours free from outside disruption.  Only they didn't.


Since new, this Cabrio Wolfsburg has traveled only 28,000 miles, which works out to just over 1,000 miles for each of the 27 years since it originally left the factory.  While it's a shame that the car hasn't been used to its potential just yet, we're hoping the new owner takes full advantage of it's great condition.  This Cabrio Wolfsburg can be found currently for sale on eBay Motors for $9,995, and is located in Nekoosa, Wisconsin.  More information and pictures can be found right here.