Over the years, the Volkswagen Cabrio has been labeled a sort-of "girl's car", even though they offer driving fun in an attractive package which many men (including some of our own moderators) either currently drive or have fond memories of owning. This Cabrio is on a mission to completely obliterate that stereotype.


Rather than continue to wax poetic about the Cabrio, I'll just cut to the chase.  What you see in the image above is a two-liter inline four from a Ford Escort Cosworth tuned to 400hp and mounted longitudinally, putting power to the ground via an all-wheel-drive system.


While the exterior may be sleeper status, the interior clearly hints at what is lurking under the bonnet.  High back racing buckets keep the driver planted, while a Stack instrument cluster monitors revs, speed and other vitals.


The Cabrio is currently for sale on Ebay UK, with the top bid at $9,945 GBP ($16,953 USD) as of the time of writing.  While we aren't really sure if it is "worth it", we also don't really care.  This car, and more specifically the looks it gets after it has been driven in anger, is going to make someone very, very happy.  That will more than justify the cost to its new owner.

See additional images and information on Ebay UK.

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