To start the latest Find of the Day, we have some bad news: the sports coupe market is one of the fastest shrinking segments today. While many point to SUVs as the cause, the real reason is not with the off-road vehicles themselves, but with buyers. While there are a number of coupes available, customers aren't willing to give up convenience and utility for elevated performance. They want high ride height, all-wheel drive, and the ability to ford rivers. If you're in the market for a car that's exactly the opposite, this 1992 Corrado SLC is low, fast, and has approach and departure angles that'll clear speed bumps. Barely.

The feature that is the most intriguing here is what the Corrado doesn't have: mileage. With the growly and torquey VR6 engine, it's hard to believe the original owner didn't spend every day driving the snot out of this car. The ad states the first title holder bought the car new and sold it in 2015.

The low miles are evident everywhere: body panels are flawless, the interior is like new, and the seats show little to no wear. The black leather on the seats also adorn each door panel and it offsets the racy red paint beautifully. And check out the 90's era "passive safety" seat belts. Our younger readers don't know the joy of being smacked in the head as the belts motored back to keep you safe. There's also slick carpeted floor mats with embroidered logos.


The seller says the car drives like new, and we have to believe it. If you've never driven a VR6, find one and take it's in for a spin. The sounds the engine gives off are almost intoxicating. You'll want to lower the windows and slide the (glass!) sunroof open on every drive. This Corrado has a radio, but who cares what it is; the engine will provide the only soundtrack you'll need.

This fastback has had a number of enhancements: coilover suspension, aftermarket wheels, Techtonics performance exhaust, and much more. The car has new oil, brakes, filter, belts, and more. The original manuals and a stack of documentation come with the car.

So if you're tired of trucks with bouncy suspensions and sloppy handling, this '92 Corrado SLC could be for you. You can read the ad on for more information. The car is located in Gaithersburg Maryland, and the seller is asking $16,500.