Last week Volkswagen held a competition between the Golf GTI and the Jetta GLI to determine which was the bes t (or which had the most fans). The GTI earned more miles, but if more GLIs looked like this 2012 Jetta, the GLI may just have won.

This stunner comes from the forum and is being sold by forum member, [email protected] To be honest, the sale of this car is pending, so it might not actually count as a FOTD by the time you read this, but is this feature really about selling cars? Isn’t it more about gawking at the cool things being traded around in the community? Am I just rationalizing my decision, because I like this car so much? I think the answer is an emphatic yes to all of the above.


There’s something elemental about this GLI, a clear sense of purpose and a unity of design. The black and white follow through the whole car, even to the roll cage, which contrasts beautifully against the black Recaro racing seats. This Jetta is simple, like the best Bauhaus design.

The Jetta GLI was purchased new by [email protected] and you can track the whole history of the car on the owner’s build thread . As it stands now, though, it has drool-worthy custom metal widened fenders, sits on black Rotiform SPF wheels (18x9.5 front and 19x10 rears), and has an APR Stage 3+ tune, which the poster says will get it up 650hp and down the quarter mile in just over 10 seconds.


[email protected] says that the motor is bulletproof and that the car has more than $60,000 in it, but of course he isn't expecting that amount back. Instead, this Floridian is asking $25,900 OBO.

Check it out on the forum  and find out more about Spintech here .